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18mm Screw GC Vial
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Certified Clear Glass Screw Neck GC Vial Aijiren

Certified Clear Glass Screw Neck GC Vial Aijiren

Products name 10-20mL 18mm Screw Thread Headspace ND18
Dimension 18mm
Cap Color Silver
Septa details White, Red, Blue, 1.3-1.6mm thickness.
Material Aluminum for Cap, PTFE/Silicone for Septa
Package 100pcs/Pack
Cap type Open top
Septa type Non-slit
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Product Description

1.5ml/2ml vials-Aijiren Vials for HPLC/GC

Aijiren Clear 8-425 HPLC Sample Vial, Clear Type 1 Class A, Amber 8-425 HPLC Sample Vial is manufactured in Type 1 Class B Borosilicate Glass, sample identification, measurement values 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 ml. Consistency between the vial and the true neck 6mm of the standard glass insert is always guaranteed.

Clear Glass Vial Supplier--Aijiren Vials for HPLC/GC

Aijiren 13-425 glass vials with screw cap are customized products based on your experimental requirements for vial types, writing areas, logos and other individual parameters. Aijiren 13-425 glass vials with screw cap is fully compatible with SHIMADZU autosamplers.

clear GC vials Waters-Aijiren Hplc Vials Insert

Oct 20, 2022 · High Quality Clear Glass Screw Thread GC Vial Waters 2022-10-20 Waters ample ials and ccessoriesµg/mL UV, RI (non-MS) LC/GC Certified Vials 100’s ng/mL Older single quadrupole and MS/MS LCMS Certified Vials 1 ng/mL and lower MS/MS, Tof TruView

screw neck HPLC GC glass vials netherland

Aijiren Technology LCGC Certified Clear Glass Screw Neck Max Recovery Vial . With Polyethylene Septumless Cap, Pack of 100 Vials. Aijiren Technology Certified vials are tested for cleanliness by HPLC and held to tightest dimensional tolerances in Sample vials with short thread ND9 Vial kit, HPLC-certified, Clear

clear vial headspace with cap Waters-Aijiren HPLC Vials

2ml clear or amber autosampler vial,12mm Diameter,32mm Height,9-425 screw top.Our vials with caps are widely used in standard HPLC and GC applications.The vials can be used on all common autosamplers due to their technical geometry, preferentially they are found on Aijiren, HTA, Shimadzu, Thermo, Varian, Waters, etc.

LCGC Certified Clear Glass Vial | 12 x 32mm - Waters Corporation

Recommended for multiple injections, this vial has a working temperature range from -40 C to 200 C. Achieve an excellent seal with no tools required for assembly due to the universal screw cap on the LCGC Certified Clear Glass 12 x 32 mm Screw Neck Vial. When the cap is screwed, a mechanical force squeezes the septum between the glass rim and

2ml Clear Glass Glass Vial 5182 0553-Aijiren HPLC Vial Factory

Laboratory Clear Glass 20Mm Gc Vial Aijiren-Aijiren Headspace Vials. USD $35.99. 100 Pack Clear 2ml 9-425 HPLC Autosampler Vials Glass Aijiren Certified Vials, Caps and Septa - Postnova Glass Vial Convenience Packs Description Unit Part No. Clear vials, blue screw caps, PTFE/red silicone septa 100/pk Clear. Get Price.

Certified 1.5ml Screw Neck Vial--Aijiren Vials for HPLC/GC

1.5ml Screw Neck Vial. The uniform flat bottom of the 9mm Autosampler vial ensures match with the intubation and the ceramic writing plate is easy to mark. The 100,000-grade dust-free purification workshop ensures the cl 2ml hplc vial 9mm screw vial screw thread vial. Free Sample Get Price.

SGS certified glass vial caps for liquid autosampler-Aijiren

Headspace vials are made of superior quality 1st hydrolytic class glass (Type 1) and have a thicker glass wall to withstand higher temperature and internal pressure for the analysis of volatile gas in the vial’s headspace. Thermo Scientific 20mm crimp top and 18mm. Inquiry. Please feel free to submit your inquiry information to us.

precision thread gc vials Sigma-Aijiren Vials With Caps

Aijiren's 2ml sample vial can be produced within three days of the customer's Wide Opening Clear Glass Screw Neck GC Vial Sigma Aldrich Standard Opening Vials Catalogue v10.indd - Labicom.cz. backed by Sigma-Aldrich's commitment to innovation, quality and service. on the inner diameter of the vial neck.

12x32mm thread HPLC glass vials lids-Aijiren Vials for HPLC

Screw Thread Hplc Vial With Closures Consumable-Aijiren 2ml Our 9mm HPLC Vials and Closures are our recommended screw thread vials. These vials are autosampler compatible and offer a 40% larger opening than 8-425 thread vials, simplifying pipetting and other routine functions. Product Name: Vial Material: Borosilicate Glass/Glass Type 1.

standard neck gc vials Thermo Fisher-Headspace Vials for Sale

Thermo Fisher-Aijiren Vials for HPLC/GC 2ml Snap Top HPLC Vial size is 11.6x32mm, which can compatible to most autosamplers, such as THERMO FISHER instrument. 2ml HPLC vial is available amber and clear glass. Get Price Send Inquiry Standard opening 5.0 borosilicate GC-MS vials manufacturer supplier factory-Aijiren Vials 2021 - 08 - 12

Clear Glass Screw Vial Trading--Aijiren Vials for HPLC/GC

More 24-400 screw vial. 30ml Screw Neck Vial with Label Area. 20ml Clear Glass Sample Storage Vials. 20ml Amber Glass Sample Vial. 24mm Screw Thread Caps with Center Hole. Amber Storage Vial. 30ml Amber Glass Sample Storage Vial. 20-60mL 24-400 Screw Neck Storage Vial ND24. EPA VOA Vials for sale.

Thermo Fisher crimp neck vial-Aijiren Crimp Vials

Use these 11 mm clear glass vials with snap caps or aluminum crimp seal closures. Pricing and Availability. Fisherbrand™ Certified Vial Kit 9mm short thread, Clear Glass, 1.5mL, PP Screw Cap, Center hole, Silicone/PTFE septum. Certified Kit, Includes 100 vials and 100 caps with pre-assembled Get price + Chat Now +

Waters Corp LCGC Certified Clear Glass 12 x 32 mm Screw Neck

Shop Waters Corp LCGC Certified Clear Glass 12 x 32 mm Screw Neck Vial, Total Recovery, with Cap and PTFE/Silicone Septum, 1 mL Volume, 100/pk at Fishersci.com Waters Corp LCGC Certified Clear Glass 12 x 32 mm Screw Neck Vial, Total | Fisher Scientific

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